Much More than Recovery

The John Volken Academy’s exceptional success rate sets us apart from other addiction treatment centers, because our long term addiction treatment center gives the brain the opportunity to re-wire itself. But that is only the beginning.                                                

Program participants also:

  • Advance in education
  • Receive extensive career training
  • Develop strong character
  • Adopt a healthy new life-style

Program participants advance through stages until they are able to live sober, happy and successful lives – for life!

Three World Class Residential Addiction Treatment Centers


6911 King George Boulevard
Surrey, British Columbia


921 N. Central Avenue
Kent, Washington


26601 S. Val Vista Drive
Gilbert, Arizona


The person I had become because of drugs was someone who felt empty inside and disconnected from everyone I cared for and loved. The feeling I felt was so dark and evil that I can’t explain it in words. It was such a sick, empty, hollow feeling. The John Volken Academy has changed everything for me… I truly know I will live a life of sobriety… my family is so proud of me… they can’t believe how strong I have become.

Cathy J

To be a world leader in

PROVIDING: effective and affordable Residential Addiction Treatment

CULTIVATING: self worth and a strong character

TEACHING: relevant life and job skills

ADVANCING: secondary and Post-secondary Education

INSTILLING: in each student the desire to always strive to be the best that they can be for themselves, for their families, and for their community.

We believe in the God of our understanding and in being obedient to the law and subject to authorities.

We uphold the dignity of each individual and embrace and defend all that is wholesome and good and honorable.

We believe in humility, work, learning, service, self-sufficiency, responsibility, forgiveness, accountability, and determination


Before coming to the John Volken Academy, my life was a mess. As a heroin addict, I would wake up every morning in pain, drenched in sweat, alone… I grew up in a family with good, strong morals, yet I lost mine while living in this world of darkness… my life has a purpose now. I have learned to have a good time without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Jordan P

The Cost

The John Volken Academy is sponsored by private charitable foundations, friends of the Academy and supporting businesses.

Thanks to this funding, except for the one-time intake fee, the Program is free.          However, to be eligible you must be:

  • Committed to change your life

  • Fully able and willing to participate in the Program

  • Between the ages of 18-32

Changing your life is not easy, but together we can do it.



Let us help you in your battle against addiction and become our next success story!



Thank you for providing this life-changing opportunity for myself and the thousands… You believed in me when others counted me out. The John Volken Academy has prepared me for everything life can and will throw at me.

Nick R.

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