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“I’d finally had enough.”

The descent into addiction is almost always coupled with increasing isolation. I don’t know if the worsening addiction leads to the withdrawal from society or vice versa. I just know that as addicts, we push well-meaning people away because of shame and because they interfere with using. The void created by the loss of human connection is the place where addiction’s most powerful chains are forged.

My experiences have convinced me that human connection, support, and healthy relationships are the lifeblood of recovery. John Volken Academy has saved my life.

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Vancouver, BC, October 21, 2014

His Holiness the Dalai Lama honoured our Founder John Volken with the
Dalai Lama Humanitarian Award for effectively changing lives.

Our Founder

“I believe that once we have provided for our families, we should then work for the good of all; there are so many opportunities to make this a better world.”
– John Volken

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