Addiction Treatment in Surrey British Columbia

At John Volken Academy we provide effective, long-term, residential addiction treatment as well as important life skills to get you sober and keep you sober.

6911 King George Blvd.
Surrey, BC V3W 5A1


Surrey, British Columbia

Men & Women Facility

Our drug and alcohol addiction rehab located in Surrey, British Columbia is an ideal spot for exploration and growth, tucked away between the breezy Pacific Ocean and roaring Rocky Mountains.

Here, we offer numerous amenities including:

: : Modern & Comfortable Residences
: : State-of-the-Art Cafeteria
: : Recreation, Library, and Music Rooms
: : Fitness Center
: : Beautifully Landscaped Gardens
: : and much, much, more

We focus on four primary areas within our addiction treatment program

  1. Addressing the Root Cause of Addiction
  2. Healing the Brain
  3. Adopting a New Lifestyle
  4. Building Tools Required to Stay Sober

Our holistic approach to care involves:

  1. Taking care of your body
  2. Mental Health
  3. Broadening your knowledge
  4. Taking control of your emotions
  5. Effective communication
  6. Exploration of spirituality
Addiction Treatment in Surrey British Columbia


: : Recreational & social activities
: : Leadership & sales training
: : Healthy, well-balanced meals
: : Develop self-confidence
: : Modern residences
: : And much, much more…

Our facility is located near a major airport. We will be there upon your arrival to pick you up and transport you to our facility.

"We were in a really tough spot with our daughter. She wouldn't take any advise from us and she was going down a dark path. We knew there were programs out there, but most had two limitations: 1) high monthly cost, and 2) ineffectiveness. Most were short-term programs that just focused on abstinence.
We needed something more, and something we could manage budget wise. John Volken Academy was/is the perfect fit. A 2 yr program that focuses on mental and emotional well being as well as the physical side. Our daughter will return home soon, and we can tell from our regular contact with her that there has been a LOT of change and it is genuine.
If you are in the same spot we were two years ago, PLEASE look into JVA. It will definitely change your life and the life of your loved one."

J Shep

"My son entered the John Volken Academy 15 months ago. The Academy has changed his life. He is far from the young man who first entered the program. He is the person that I always knew he was capable of being, he is no longer trapped in his addiction. The John Volken Academy has given me my son back. I have loved watching his transformation take place over the months that he has been there. His self-esteem and confidence has grown immensely. He has learned and gained life skills that will serve him for the rest of his life. If you have a loved one that is suffering with an addiction, call the JVA, speak to them and learn about their therapeutic community approach. They have saved the lives of so many men and women.
I can not thank them enough!"
Jane Brignone

"I’m writing as a sister who has taken her brother to other rehab programs. This is an incredible program. It’s a two year program which makes sense because fighting addiction is a life commitment not just a week/month rehab and you’ve got things figured out. They have a work program which helps cover the cost as well as looks fantastic on a resume as one transitions from the rehab phase of recovery. To see my brother hit the very bottom, decide to try out another rehab center and then being one of the work program’s best employees. It’s amazing. I did not think I would see my brother hold down another job or even live long enough to resemble the person he once was. Now he is excited for life, has been taking courses in the program to start a business that he has always dreamed out. If you’re reading this far into a review then you have been through a lot, your world has shifted dramatically and you’re doing your best. This is a serious option and for our family it has been the best program and the best price (which unfortunately is a factor). My heart goes out to you as you push through this part of your journey."
Meghan Palmer