Life at Volken: Buntzen Lake Hike June 2017

This month, we went to Buntzen Lake near Coquitlam for a grueling but rewarding hike. It was around 12 km long, with the first bit being pretty much a non-stop climb. After we completed the [...]

An insight into addiction from one of our students.

  Prescription Drugs were my Gateway             It started with prescription drugs. Pills were my answer to every problem. If I was tired, I took a pill. If I couldn’t sleep, I took a pill. [...]

The Biopod Initiative not only helps in agricultural research, but assists our students in gaining agricultural training

The Biopod press conference was held this morning at the John Volken Academy, to announce the grand opening of the Biopod Initiative. This initiative provides agricultural training and research in a Demonstration Greenhouse in Surrey [...]

Ladies Outing to the Vancouver Art Gallery

This Sunday the ladies took a trip to Vancouver to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery. The gallery donated admission for the girls to visit and they had a great time experiencing the art and atmosphere [...]

October Graduation

This Sunday the Vancouver John Volken Academy community celebrated the graduation of two brothers, Tooks and Tyler. After completing and excelling at the program, the community was excited to watch them take off into their [...]

RnR Van Marathon

What a special weekend for everyone at the John Volken Academy.  It was the 2nd Annual Rock and Roll Vancouver – 10 k and half marathon.  Families from all over came to support their loved ones [...]

Team Volken Pasta Party

This Friday night, the Vancouver John Volken Academy hosted an annual Pasta Party to get Team Volken members pumped up for the 1/2 marathon. Guests arrived and the students did a meet and greet with [...]

National Public Lands Day

In honor of National Public Lands Day, this Saturday the students of the Seattle John Volken Academy donated their time and effort to serve their community and better a park in Kent, Washington. The boys [...]

John Volken Academy Student in Seattle Volunteers at St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer

Our fabulous students at the John Volken Academy helped out at the St. Jude Walk /Run to End Childhood Cancer in Seattle this September 20th.  What a great event to help out the community, our [...]

An Inspiring Story of Kelsey’s Journey at the John Volken Academy

Each year at Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver many participants walk, or run the 10K or Half Marathon.  On race day many stand at the start line in Vancouver ready to  display to the world how well [...]

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