Student Interview: Drug Addiction Recovery at John Volken Academy has Changed My Life

  August 14, 2017: Students share their daily experiences of addiction recovery at John Volken Academy on Joy TV. The students at John Volken Academy are trained to adopt new attitudes, behaviors and values. They [...]

Conquering Fentanyl Addiction and Alcoholism at the John Volken Academy

Sun, Aug 13: Our students Brett and Troy Amson join Global Calgary to talk about how acquiring job skills helped them overcome fentanyl and alcohol addiction. Learn More Brett was a fentanyl addict and had [...]

Why Do Addicts Relapse?

Let me tell you about my first relapse. After successfully completing a 90-day program, I had the best of intentions to stay sober. I thought I had put in the work, learned the tools, and [...]

Video: Welcome Home Ranch Featured on FOX 10

The Welcome Home Ranch is home to our 2-year program in Arizona. Recovering addicts at this campus get exposed to work therapy, sharing responsibilities and relationship building. In the video above, two of our students, [...]

Dear John, “yourself is not something you find; it’s something you create.”

When students of JVA are near the end of their addiction rehabilitation program, we ask them to write letters to John to reflect on their experience of recovery. Some talk about what brought them here, [...]

How I got addicted to fentanyl and didn’t even know.

My experience with fentanyl started when I was 21 years old. I had been smoking weed on a daily basis, drinking on weekends, and recreationally using cocaine, ketamine, and MDMA. These substances didn't grip me [...]

Choosing Between Short Term and Long Term Drug Rehab

In my personal quest for sobriety, I tried everything. I’ve been to week-long detox programs and classic 28-day programs, recovery houses, 90-day programs, and finally, the ultimate commitment: 2 years minimum in a long term [...]

Life at Volken: Sea to Sky Summit Hike

Recently, we had the challenging opportunity to hike up the Sea to Summit trail. The trail begins with a climb up a steep incline, and never really lets up from there.  It's about 7.5k of [...]

Jamming at Pasta Party 2017

2017's Pasta Party was another success. I was lucky enough to host this event for the second year in a row, which I love doing because of the casual fun vibes that this event [...]

Dear John, I thought if I could stop using them, life would be perfect. I was wrong.

  When recovering students of JVA are near the end of the program, we ask them to write letters to John to reflect on their experience of recovery from addiction. Some talk about what brought [...]

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