10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Addiction Rehab

Whether you or someone you care about is considering enrolling at an addiction rehab facility, here are 10 questions that will help make this decision. 

1. How often do I engage with this substance or behavior? 

When thinking about enrolling to an addiction rehab center, this is the first question that should be asked. By definition, any substance or behavior that has become the major focus of a person’s life is considered an addiction. An individual can become addicted or dependent on anything but it is when these individuals are repeatedly engaging with harmful substances or behaviors that recovery alternatives should be considered.

10 questions to ask yourself when considering rehab


2. How is this substance or behavior affecting my well-being?

In other words, how are substances affecting your physical and emotional states. Physically, substance abuse can manifest differently throughout the body according to the substance itself. Repeated drug and alcohol use can also increase the risk for long-term psychological damage due to the increased number of neurotransmitters firing through the brain. Symptoms like irritability, lack of sleep, memory loss and drowsiness are common for individuals who are dealing with drug addiction.

3. Do I feel guilty from my substance use or behaviors provoked by it?

After the feelings of euphoria have diminished, many individuals feel guilt from the substances they consumed or their actions under the influence. The ongoing feeling of guilt is an indicator that can be seen as a motivator to seek treatment. With that said, it’s important to note that shame is different than guilt and there is nothing weak or shameful about wanting to seek treatment.  

 4. Is enrolling in a rehab program what I want for myself?

Recovery isn’t an easy road but with determination and consistency, anything can be done. Committing to a rehab program can help create a community and provide accountability for individuals who want to turn their life around. Take a look at Cameron’s story of struggling with drugs since he was 14. After coming to the John Volken Academy, he’s experienced serious transformation personally and professionally.

considering addiction rehab?

5. How will this commitment affect my relationship with my loved ones?

Substance abuse and harmful behaviors not only affect the individual but also the lives of their loved ones around them as well. Because of this, relational ties may have weakened and some may have even faded away too. Rebuilding relationships and establishing new ones isn’t always easy but it can be done by being intentional and reestablishing trust with loved ones. Attending a rehab program can help you regain confidence in yourself and empower you with the necessary skills to make amends.

6. What other variables come into play when thinking about choosing a rehab center?

A big decision you’ll have to make is choosing between long term and short term rehab. There are pros & cons to both, but making an informed decision according to your needs is always the best option.

7. How will I pay for rehab?

Rehab is an investment in yourself and your future but with that said, how is it going to get paid for? The prices of rehab centers fluctuate immensely up to the thousands per month. Public rehab have long waitlists and financial barriers can push people away. It’s important for those who are serious about long term recovery to not give up because there are other alternatives. After a one-time intake fee, the JVA program is free. Read our post about what to expect for the cost of rehab and how we can help.

8. What are the values of the organization of my choice?

Making sure your own personal values align with those of the organization is incredibly important to ease your transition and help with compliance throughout the duration of the program. Learn more about John Volken Academy’s values and approach. 

9. What are the treatments offered at the organization I’m thinking about?

Making sure that the rehab center you’re thinking of attending offers programs tailored to your needs is crucial. Every program has different methodology and specializes in different types of addiction and substance abuse so find the one that’s right for you! Ours is a Therapeutic Community approach which involves a holistic and practical approach to long-term sobriety.

10 questions to ask yourself when considering rehab


10. Am I ready to reclaim my life?

Our students say that recovery seems impossible at the start, especially a long term commitment. But they’re glad to be alive and truly turning their lives around.

There is no better time than the present to start your journey towards sobriety. If rehab is something that has been on your mind, why wait? Enroll Now!  

John Volken Academy is an affordable, safe and structured community approach to addiction recovery. If you’re interested in a long term approach to your recovery, Contact Us for more information.


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