March 2018 Graduation Reflections | Surrey, BC

Six participants graduating the program after two years of meaningful work and living in the community to overcome addiction.

John Volken Academy addiction recovery program graduation

At John Volken Academy, graduation is the honoring of hard work and a huge celebration with friends and family. It’s a culmination of the past two years and a send off for the graduates. Here are some reflections from their fellow participants currently in the program: 


“For me graduation is a time for reflection.

You get to hear amazing stories about where our fellow students came from, the struggles they endured, and the perseverance they maintained through it all. When the hustle and bustle of the day comes to an end, and I get a quiet moment to myself, I take the time to think about my struggles and accomplishments in the program. Things can get pretty busy around here and you don’t often have time to just sit and think about all those things. After a graduation you can’t help but feel inspired watching your friends move onto to the next part of their lives. I can usually keep my emotions intact during the graduation ceremony, but when parents and loved ones get up and speak, I lose it all. Listening to the sometimes heartbreaking stories they tell is a good reality check of exactly where we do not want to go back to. All our stories are different but also similar, and I can’t quite explain how awesome it is to spend all this time around people who have the same goal as you.  

Thank you and congratulations to Dylan, Cameron, Scott, Mat, Anthony, and Amber.”

“Graduation to me means honoring my commitment and completing the difficult two year program I set out to do. It means changing my attitude, my values, and my life. It is important for me to graduate because it is the building blocks to the foundation of the rest of my life of sobriety. I will forever instill the tools I’ve acquired here, and apply all the life skills I’ve picked up over my time here, in order to maintain a happy, sober fulfilled life.”

“It’s not every day that you graduate from the John Volken Academy. Committing to a 2 year program is one thing, but completing it is another. Graduation makes me feel hopeful.  This past graduation was my 3rd at the John Volken Academy, and I had to say goodbye to my friends again.  I was sad, but at the same time happy for my fellow friends to go and start their new lives. With all other mile stones in this program, you see it happen to someone else first. Before you know it, it will be happening to you. Through all the tough times in the program, its things like graduations that re-motivate you to keep on going until the end. It’s exciting to think that there are only a couple more graduations until my own.”

– R


Congratulations to our graduates – we wish you the best and believe in you! 

If you or a loved one are in need of help – reach out to us. This is a program worth committing to; it will change your life. 


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