Conquering Fentanyl Addiction and Alcoholism at the John Volken Academy

GlobalTV Interview

Sun, Aug 13: Our students Brett and Troy Amson join Global Calgary to talk about how acquiring job skills helped them overcome fentanyl and alcohol addiction. Learn More

Brett was a fentanyl addict and had been through four unsuccessful treatments before in Alberta and Ontario. In his fifth rehab at the John Volken Academy, he has made tremendous progress in rebuilding his life skills. He has accumulated 4000 hours working experience in professional cooking and is looking forward to his future in catering industry. Now his family and friends are back in his life and he is confident with the person he has become.

Troy shared his experience of being an alcoholic and his life was miserable until he joined the John Volken Academy. As stated in the interview, students live and work together as a therapeutic community in John Volken Academy. They follow a regular life routine and are trained in various job positions. During the two year program, they advance in their career fields and also have opportunities to pursue higher education. John Volken Academy has taught the students how to live a life of sobriety and has brought a bright future for them.

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