Fraser Focus Interview: "John Volken Academy Changed My Life"

In August 2017, The Fraser Focus team came to interview our students about their daily experiences of addiction recovery at John Volken Academy. These interviews aired on Joy TV.
The students at John Volken Academy are trained to adopt new attitudes, behaviors and values.
woman in grey shirt with quote about addiction recovery.
They become reliable and are willing to take on responsibilities after participating in the program. The therapeutic community lets participants grow as a family and teaches them how to deal with anxiety, trauma and depression in their lives without the help of drugs and alcohol.
The daily life at John Volken Academy is highly structured and includes many opportunities. Here students can build their job skills in various fields and continue their education (high school to university level) to pursue higher goals.
Therefore, at the time of graduation, students have already built a solid foundation for their successful future lives.
Our founder, John Volken says: “…We do what parents cannot do. They all have a song to sing or they feel that way but they cannot sing as an addict. When they come in, they are so devastated and depressed… We keep them sober and let them learn their life skills, so that they can continue with their lives.”

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