January 2019 Graduation

What Graduation Means At The John Volken Academy

Everything! On January 6th, 2019 we celebrated the graduation of four Vancouver campus students. Their ‘Family Leaders,’ fellow students who play a role supporting each other, joined Andy, Sam, Jon and Brandt on stage. Graduation at the John Volken Academy energizes all who attend: Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, Grandparents, students, alumni and friends.  They all witness the transformation of a life.

Many times you’ll hear that this was the last chance to help a loved one after countless addiction treatment attempts, that it takes time to re-build someone who hits bottom, and that they are surrounded by a new family made up of staff and students.

There is awareness, shared by recovering addicts, that the graduation marks a new beginning, a starting place where new learned life skills can get you through the dark days. In the crowd of well-wishers there was a three-year-old boy, Grandma held him close and kept him occupied until he saw his Dad on stage. ‘Daddy’, he cried out, ‘I’m over here’. In that moment the significance of dedicating your life, with the support of others, to sobriety and transformation became generational.

‘Each One – Teach One’, is a principle on which the John Volken Academy is based. One of the reasons the two-year program works is that accountability begins at the student level and is supported by staff. John Volken, the Founder of the John Volken Academy, has developed a therapeutic recovery model that heals the mind and body, and teaches life skills.

Graduation at the John Volken Academy is not a conclusion, but the celebration of a new beginning.

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