Video: Welcome Home Ranch Featured on FOX 10

The Welcome Home Ranch is home to our 2-year program in Arizona. Recovering addicts at this campus get exposed to work therapy, sharing responsibilities and relationship building.

In the video above, two of our students, Chase Smoot and Robert Eggers, were interviewed about their day to day lives at the ranch and their experience in recovery.

“Here at the Welcome Home Ranch, there’s no bars,” said Haggard. “There’s no security, aside from the fences keeping the horses in. It’s an open door policy. Students can feel free to leave at any time they want. The only thing keeping them here is the desire to change.”

“Knowing that you can walk down the road and go and find anything at the gas station on the corner you want, but you make that decision everyday not to, that’s the most significant thing is actually having the confidence to say I want to leave, but I’m not going to because you know what you need to do to change your life,” said Smoot.

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