The Biopod Initiative

The Biopod press conference was held this morning at the John Volken Academy, to announce the grand opening of the Biopod Initiative. This initiative provides agricultural training and research in a Demonstration Greenhouse in Surrey British Columbia. This project came about with many partners from agriculture, government and universities. It began with the City of Surrey approaching the John Volken Academy and the BC Agricultural Centre of Excellence to help develop a project to benefit social, environmental and business interests. Not only will the Biopod benefit agricultural research, in finding better solutions for farming and growing plants, it also provides and training ground for our students in recovery, to receive a certificate related to greenhouse agriculture. The students and staff of the John Volken Academy are versy excited for this program. The Biopod initiative was made possible by the John Volken Academy, in partnership with the City of Surrey, University of the Fraser Valley, SFU, KPU, BCIT, UBC, BW Global Greenhouse & Shelters, Affinor Growers, Growing Forward 2, Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC, and the Provincial and Federal Government.