Cameron’s Story | A Student’s Journey Toward Recovery

Have you been to the edge with your drug addiction? Perhaps seen a loved one struggle to the end of their rope?

Watch Cameron’s story of struggle with drugs starting at age 14 and eventually experiencing transformation after coming to the John Volken Academy.

“I had a lot of internal battles.”

Cameron decided to use all of the drugs he had left and if he woke up, he’d come to John Volken Academy for addiction recovery. 

“I’m so grateful that I woke up,” he says now.

Recovery isn’t an easy road and when Cameron first entered the program, he wasn’t into it and put up a big front. After being a part of the community and doing life at JVA for a while, the walls started to come down. His friend and fellow participant Scott can attest to this, “Through showing weakness, that’s where you start to grow.”

“Without human connection, without feeling connected to other people, I’m still only living a fraction of a life.” – Cameron

It’s the Therapeutic Community Approach and the consistency of a long term program that really empowered Cameron to transform. Through group work and one on one coaching from JVA’s Program Director, Cameron turned his mindset, and eventually his entire life, around.

In his second year of the program, Cameron earned a personal trainer certification and wants to be a trainer after he graduates this month. This is not where he expected to be when he entered the program two years ago.

Are you ready to take the next step? Don’t let anything hold you back – not the cost of rehab or what people will think – you’re worth it. Reach out to JVA today for the next step.

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