Canucks Game, A Vancouver Outing

Being in a two year program, sometimes you get stuck.

Time seems to fly by, but when you take a look around, how much has changed? What’s going on? Is there anything to look forward too? Its fun working at Price Pro, but once you get into the routine and schedule of everyday work, dreaming of the future is inevitable.

A seemingly routine day in August was shattered when Sean told me my name was drawn from a hat to go downtown Vancouver to watch a pre season Canucks hockey game.

I was excited, and couldn’t wait to go to the city and see the Canucks in action. Being from Toronto, I am familiar with the hustle and bustle of city life and couldn’t wait to experience it on the west coast. I quickly wrote my family back in Ontario, and told them about this game. I received a nice surprise in the mail just days before the game, A Canucks jersey. I was really happy; it’s not every day that I get something new.

I had a blast in the city, ate duck for the first time and enjoyed a quadruple shot pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. The Canucks suffered a loss but it was alright, the win went to Las Vegas, whose first game ever was played that day.

Later in October, I went again to Rogers Arena for a season game against the Washington Capitals. Vancouver crushed them, and made it a very entertaining game. It’s great sharing these experiences with my brothers from the academy, because we come from all over the country and the USA. Some brotherly rivalry never hurt when it comes to competitive sports.

Just last month, I went for my third game of the season, sporting my jersey, and I made it onto the “Jumbotron” screaming my lungs out. I lost my voice that night. It’s good for us students to get out once and awhile and immerse ourselves in real world events. One thing that I’m glad to say is that the presence of alcohol at the game didn’t even faze me. 9 months ago, I wouldn’t even consider going to a hockey game sober, but now I realize that you don’t need alcohol to have fun. I’m looking forward to the next game this season…

– RS