How Running Helps Recovery

The month of June is running month for the John Volken Academy.  Students in Kent, Washington, are running the Rock n Roll Marathon or ½ Marathon on Sunday, June 9th and students in Surrey, British Columbia, are participating in the Scotia Bank ½ Marathon and 5 K on Sunday, June 23rd.  Running has many benefits for the individual in recovery as they develop new healthy habits to keep them on track for a lifetime of sobriety.


Please read how running has impacted one of our student’s recovery at the John Volken Academy.

“To this date, I’ve been a student for a year and 3 months. Before the start of the New Year, I was gaining weight and it was brought even more to my attention by a friendly jab from a close brother. Along with gaining weight, I wasn’t as happy inside as I knew I could be, something was missing. I made a firm commitment to start running. I made sure to always run with a fellow brother, even if was just around our parking lot and backyard. It was tough at first, but I noticed running with someone motivated me to push harder. From the suggestion of another brother here, “No matter what, don’t stop!” became my motto.  Immediately I noticed a change. Emotionally and spiritually I felt healthier than I ever had. Within a week I felt physically better. 

The biggest change that came over me was when I was invited for an early morning run. After that first morning run, I felt more alive and happier than any other morning in my entire program, maybe in my entire life. Running has helped me in so many ways and I continue to grow with each run.  My whole life has been filled with running; running from the cops, running from my family and friends, and running from problems and emotions. At 26 years of age, I’m eternally grateful to have found new love with running. It has opened me up to a whole new world and a new way of finding happiness. I now choose to run for my future instead of running from my past.”