Addiction Recovery That Works.

John Volken Academy is a Therapeutic Community. Our approach is holistic, practical and effective for long-term sobriety. The program is two years in length and only requires a one-time intake fee of $5,000. After that, the program is free.

No Monthly Fees. The John Volken Academy is sponsored by private charitable foundations, friends of the Academy, supporting businesses and government.

There is a one-time intake fee for our long term rehab program, after that the program is free.

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Highlights From the January 2019 Graduation

Graduation Montage

Graduates’ Speech Highlights

What does Graduating from JVA mean?

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Taking the time needed to heal.

Time is possibly the most important key to lasting addiction recovery. 28 to 90 days isn’t enough time to make the needed changes for a lasting recovery from an addiction. In fact, it can take up to 5 years  to truly “rewire” an addict’s life.
The 2 year commitment of the Volken Academy gives the student the needed time to:
  1. Address the Root Cause of an Addiction 
  2. Heal the Brain
  3. Adopt a New Lifestyle
  4. Learn and Practice the Tools to Stay Sober

70% v 20% between success rates for short term and long term drug rehab centres

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We are here to help. Call us at 1-855-592-3001

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How The Volken Academy Works

support for addiction victims

A Therapeutic Community.

That means we’re in this together.
A Therapeutic Community (TC) is a group based, highly structured and powerful treatment approach to addiction recovery. Combining the therapeutic community approach with professional guidance makes this program extremely effective and truly life-changing.
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Group Work & Peer Counseling

With our Therapeutic Community approach to addiction treatment, all students participate in group and peer to peer counseling. The days are structured around the activities supporting the Therapeutic Community, along with opportunities to gain work experience and continue one’s education. Participants regularly meet to discover the root causes of substance abuse and to encourage healing. It’s reported regularly that this treatment has not only helped address addiction, but helped students learn to love themselves.

Education Opportunities

Whether you need to finish high school, or are looking to take university level courses, there are resources and staff at JVA to help you reach your educational goals. From tutoring to online courses, learning is priority during a participant’s time here.

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Job & Life Skills

Job and life skills training is an integral part of our addiction treatment program. Each JVA facility has unique opportunities for job and life skills training. From hands-on training on a ranch, to gaining experience in a greenhouse or in sales, students gradually develop job-skills that will help them re-enter the workforce. Providing job training and teaching skills required to find a job sets John Volken Academy apart from other addiction treatment centers. We’ve found this allows participants to step back into a job more successfully upon completing the program and ultimately maintain sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.


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Letter From The Volken Academy

“That night I decided to commit suicide by heroin overdose, I got on my knees, and prayed.”

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Beautiful, State of the Art Facilities

Each of our campuses has modern living quarters, healthy meals, workout rooms and spaces to enjoy nature.

Seattle, WA
921 N. Central Ave.
Kent, WA 98032
Phone: 1-855-592-3001

Vancouver, BC
6911 King George Blvd.
Surrey, BC V3W 5A1
Phone: 1-855-592-3001

Phoenix, AZ
26601 S. Val Vista Dr.
Gilbert, AZ 85298
Phone: 1-855-592-3001

The JVA Program is appropriate for many different types of addiction and substance abuse.

We are here to help. Call us at 1-855-592-3001

or write to us using the contact us button below.

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Our Founder

“I believe that once we have provided for our families, we should then work for the good of all; there are so many opportunities to make this a better world.”

Meet John Volken