Tools & Resources For Sobriety

After a few months in recovery the symptom of the addiction has been dealt with and students feel physically better, often better than they can remember. But for life-long sobriety, treatment must not end here. Successfully treating the root cause of the addiction takes more time. Too many people relapse because the most important, most essential part needed for life-long sobriety is not being considered, namely:

The tools necessary to handle life’s many challenges must be developed.

Students at the John Volken Academy develop mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. In doing so they acquire the tools essential to live without drugs and alcohol –for life! Some of these tools are: to see obstacles not as problems but as challenges; the ability to face inconvenient realities; to be accountable for one’s actions; to practice self-control; to follow directions; to accept authority; to have self-confidence and self-worth; to be able to deal with changes, handle criticism, learn to “stick to it”, to co-operate with others.

Students are challenged daily.

But like turning a big ship around, turning a life around takes time. To expect a person with a history of substance abuse to learn and adopt all the tools needed to stay sober in just a few months is simply unrealistic.

At no extra cost, our students stay until the process is completed. Through education and work experience, students grow the skills they will need to stay sober and re-enter the workforce.

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