An effective cocaine addiction rehab and drug addiction recovery program

Need cocaine rehab? Recovering from cocaine addiction is possible, and we’d like to help. 

Cocaine and crack cocaine addictions take a toll on you, your loved ones, and your body. Learn about cocaine addiction, cocaine rehab and our Therapeutic Community approach to treatment. 

How can you tell if you or a loved one is addicted to cocaine?

5 Cocaine addiction signs & symptoms:

  • Runny nose or nosebleeds
  • Cards in wallet are cracked
  • Scratched CD cases
  • Vicks Vapour rub use
  • Bills rolled up money into tubes or straws

Effective Cocaine Addiction Treatment

At John Volken Academy, we use the Therapeutic Community model for cocaine and other addictions. This model embraces community and connection as the main healing mechanism, along with professional counseling to address root causes of cocaine addiction. If you’ve tried every type of cocaine rehab, come visit us and learn about a long term, holistic approach to recovery.

I didn’t have much left in me, and if i’m honest, I was a few steps away from dying. [John Volken Academy has] been a phoenix type situation….

A Holistic Approach to Alcohol Addiction Recovery

The John Volken Academy ensures that every graduate achieves all four essential elements of Addiction Recovery to be 100% successful.

We ensure that all students develop in all areas so they can build a solid foundation that will help them become the best they can be. We offer internships, education opportunities, and more! Learn about the program here.

One-Time Intake Fee. That’s it.
The program is free.

No Monthly Fees! The John Volken Academy is sponsored by private charitable foundations, friends of the Academy, supporting businesses and government.

There is a one-time intake fee for the program, after that the program is free.

Ready to take the next step to sobriety? Enroll in John Volken Academy today.

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Cocaine & Crack Cocaine FAQs

Signs, Symptoms & Side Effects of Cocaine & Crack

Some of the common things to look for in someone you suspect is using cocaine or crack may include:

Cocaine Specific:

  • Frequent runny nose or nosebleeds
  • All cards in wallet are cracked
  • Scratched CD cases
  • Lots of tissues in garbage can
  • Rolled up dollar bills, etc.

Crack Specific:

  • Steel wool in their drawers

Both Cocaine and Crack:

  • Not sleeping properly
  • No appetite
  • No pimples
  • Paranoia
  • Black bags under the eyes
  • Talkativeness
  • Dilated pupils
  • Excessive organizational behaviour
  • Rapid weight-loss

How are cocaine and crack made?

Cocaine is synthesized from coca leaves and was originally produced as a pain killer, but has been used by South American peoples for thousands of years. The difference between cocaine and crack cocaine:

Cocaine, or cocaine hydrochloride, is a powder that can be snorted, rubbed on the gums, or dissolved into water and injected. Cocaine is often mixed with other substances. Some common substances include sugar, corn starch, baby powder (Talcum powder), or sometimes even other drugs such as procaine and amphetamines.

Crack cocaine is the result processing cocaine hydrochloride to remove the hydrochloride, essentially purifying it. Crack rocks are heated to produce fumes which the user inhales. When cocaine is turned into a solid through this process, it becomes crack.

What does using cocaine or crack feel like?

Cocaine and crack stimulate the user’s entire body. This creates an intense but very short high and then is followed by an immediate low – depression, edginess, and a craving for more. People will give up sleep and food just to get it. Cocaine and crack users often begin to feel anxious, paranoid, hostile, angry, nauseous, panicked, etc. They may experience increased heart rate, muscle spasms, and convulsions.

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