John Volken Academy Drug Addiction Recovery Program

Drug addiction recovery takes time. That’s why we’re an effective, long-term drug rehab and addiction recovery program.

Drug addiction is a harrowing disease that takes a massive toll on those addicted and their loved ones. Are you or someone you know struggling with drug addiction? You don’t have to do it alone – we’re here to help.

My only emotion was fear. Now I feel reborn.

A Holistic Approach to Drug Addiction Recovery

The John Volken Academy ensures that every graduate achieves all four essential elements of Drug Addiction Recovery and is set up for lasting sobriety:

Learn more about our Therapeutic Community approach to drug addiction recovery and learn how to maintain lasting sobriety. Ready to begin drug rehab? Scroll down for our phone number or to fill out a contact form. 

One-Time Intake Fee. That’s it.
The program is free.

No Monthly Fees! The John Volken Academy is sponsored by private charitable foundations, friends of the Academy, supporting businesses and government.

There is a one-time intake fee for the program, after that the program is free.

Call 1-855-592-3001 – let’s talk and see how we can help you or your loved one. Or scroll down to fill out a contact form that goes directly to our inbox.

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For Loved Ones: 

If your loved one is struggling with drug addiction, we hope to be an encouragement to you. Please read a recent blog post: 5 Tips for Loving an Addicted Person

And don’t hesitate to reach out for support!