The Real Cause of Addiction

The abuse of drugs and alcohol – along with other destructive behaviors – are not the real cause of addiction, but merely a symptom, and treating this is relatively easy. After a few months of treatment, the symptom disappears and the person feels healthy and recovered. Unfortunately, if the treatment ends here, most addicts will relapse.

To attain permanent recovery, the real cause of addiction, not just the symptom, must be treated. The cause is what drove the person to drugs and alcohol in the first place. It is almost always some underlying issues that makes the individual unable to be content with life as it is.

To determine and treat the causes of addiction, each student at the John Volken Academy undergoes an intense process of therapy. Through individual counseling, group sessions, and appropriate peer-to-peer interactions, students learn how to share their thoughts and feelings, while facing and dealing with difficult situations. They learn to reflect on their own struggles and gain valuable insight into the source of these struggles. In time, the causes of their addiction are identified, and students learn how to let go and to deal with those issues in a healthy manner.