Adopting a New Lifestyle

To obtain life-long sobriety, it is essential that the person learns and adopts an entirely healthy new lifestyle. Under the direction of our Senior Program Director and other senior managers, our students do exactly that. This is accomplished, in part, by being taught and learning:

  1. To adopt, new attitudes, behaviors, and values.
  2. To communicate effectively and co-operate with others.
  3. To be responsible and accountable.
  4. Patience, tolerance, and “stick to it.”
  5. To be valuable employees and to take pride in performance.
  6. To develop humility, self-control, and excellence in standards.
  7. Management and leadership skills, problem solving, and how to handle criticism.
  8. Business principles and entrepreneurship.
  9. To better deal with the public.
  10. To go the extra mile and to be givers instead of takers.
  11. Deal with changes and improve self-confidence.
  12. To be punctual, polite, reliable, and productive.
  13. To enjoy a wide range of healthy indoor and outdoor activities without any stimulants.
  14. Manners and etiquette.
  15. They are exposed to, and come to enjoy, the arts, with attendance at museums, operas, plays, and recitals.
  16. They watch movies and television shows that are positive, educational, and sometimes adventurous, in nature.
  17. They receive extensive career training and attend workshops and stimulating lessons.
  18. They listen to softer music, at moderate volumes.

In short, our students tear down their old destructive ways and develop completely new healthy life-styles.

When they graduate these new ways have become second-nature and automatic.

Adopting a new life-style takes time. However, the change is priceless!